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Thank You Letters

Dr R. Danish,

I’m writing these words to let you know, how much you mean to me however thanks for you care & compassion has touched me deep. A feeling I knew I’ll cherish & Keep, we all come to you sick & Depressed to be in your care we are all truly blessed, when I get to heaven I’ll know what to do thank the Lord Jesus for the time I got to spend with all of you.All my love,
Bradley D.

To the Chemo Therapy Staff,

Just a short note to thank each and every one of you for helping through this difficult time. Your patience and assistance was and is most appreciated. The efficiency, dedication to your job is evident in all your functions and your ability to work together in the harmony you do is an unusual and note worth. The People that did the hiring should be most proud of the persons they found to be the most caring and professional and were able to put them all in this environment. Again, thank you for all your help making a difficult situation almost pleasant and very tolerable. Have a great day and may all your days be full of pleasant thoughts and I wish you all a long and healthily life.

As Always,
Jim & Shirley W.

Dr. Danish and Staff,

For everything you’ve done.
For being the special people
That you are.
Thank you so very much.


I would like to thank everyone for the love that was shown to me this past year. Your calm and positive attitude made me get through this difficult time. Thank you


Loi S.


Dear Dr. Danish, Sally, Debbie, Karen Linda, Mandie, Michelle, Rose and the rest of the staff

We want to thank each and every one of you for all the smiles and good care you have given us these past few months. This is not an easy treatment, either for the patient or for those who love them. All of you have done everything possible to make us feel comfortable a pampered. We consider it a privilege to have been under your care and look forward to very bright future, thanks to all of you. Please accept our sincere appreciation.

Giles & Beverly R.


Dr. Danish and Staff,

Jack and I just wanted to say thank you it’s only a token compared to the gift of making it possible for jack to continue to receive his shots. It’s a difficult spot in our lives & you’ve really blessed us. Are you a Christian? Because what you’ve done is something Jesus would do. May he richly bless you.
(Matthew 10:42)

Yours always,


Sally, Debbie, Karen Linda, Mandie, Michelle, Rose and Cathy

Thanks to all of you and how special everyone made me feel. Everyone was always upbeat and cheerful ready to help out and listen to our concerns. I believe that all of you were a huge part of where I am today! Each one of you has a Special place in my heart. Keep on keeping on and know that you all touched many lives in so many ways. Thank you.


Dr. Danish and Staff,

What a great team you all are! You made what I expected to be a very unpleasant procedure, not so bad. You all are always kind and caring, pleasant and personal. You go above and beyond the medical care by making each person feel special.

My love to all of you,

Sharon D.